Why Choose Florida HVAC Tech
Florida HVAC Tech offers you an exciting new career change into our world of Air Conditioning HVAC Refrigeration intallation, maintenance, and repair. We will provide expert training and support while you will provide interest and hard work. We are also in the AC HVAC business since 1985 and know that good technicians are hard to find.

We understand that a career change into the Air Conditioning HVAC world, especially if you have been away from 'the classroom' for a while, may have challenges. We employ additional support and are very experienced in working with students who come to us with all levels of learning experience.

We Specialize in Career Training
Our program is designed for individuals who want to succeed in the exciting & profitable new career as a Air Conditioning HVAC Technician.

Learn What You Want & What You Need
We offer the classroom training and hands on experience necessary to become a successful AC HVAC Tech.

Certification (EPA)
EPA Certification is required for all person handling refrigerants. Any person who will be servicing building air conditioning and refrigeration systems must successfully pass EPA testing to be certified. Our course emphasizes what you need to know to pass the EPA test. Our instructors will provide you with the correct informationand training you need. Tutoring is available to aid you in being successful.

Schedule Criteria
Courses will be eight weeks in length. Our AC HVAC classes will meet Monday through Thursday from 9 am until 5 pm and Friday from 9 am until 1 pm for EPA and additional training.

Up-to-Date Course Program
We continually maintain and add to our program and courses according to HVAC industry changes. The current skills needed for today's AC HVAC job market are monitored and surpassed.

Investment in Facilities & Diagnostic Equipment
Florida HVAC Tech is located in Cocoa Beach, Florida. We offer a well-equipped classroom, computer training and access and office space which can be used by students. We are also in the Air Conditioning HVAC business and have a shop where students will have the advantage of practical hands on training on the same equipment they will be working on after graduation.

Highly Experienced AC Instructional Staff
Our HVAC instructors have 30+ years of field experience and training. They share what they have learned and provide insight so students have knowledge that might take years to learn. Our instructors keep current with new technology and keep students abreast of changes in HVAC. .

Student Tutoring
If extra help is needed just ask! Instructors will go over material that you may not understand as well as work with you for extra hands on training as may be required!

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